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June 3 Pride Event @ Sunnyvale Downtown

Celebrate Pride Month with an evening on Sunnyvale's Historic Murphy Avenue!


Five Sunnyvale Art Club members will demo/showcase their artworks with an outline of the letters P-R-I-D-E. Come see us and enjoy dining with background music in Sunnyvale downtown!


Here's an intro of this year's Pride event:

June 5 1st day of 5 day drawing challenge DRAW EVERY DAY FOR 5 DAYS IN JUNE!


Everyday for 5 days from Jun 5- Jun 9, 2021, we will release a new prompt to inspire you to draw and post your artwork to share with our creative community on Sunnyvale Art Club Public FB Page:


If you fancy a challenge, you could take part in all 5 activities and receive a certificate from the event organizer (plus loads of kudos!). You may complete the challenge at any time in June but the deadline to receive a certificate and to showcase your work with the world is to complete all 5 activities before Jun 30,2021. This event is suitable for adults and kids of all artistic abilities.


Please share this event with your friends and family and be sure to join us on Jun 5th!
June 6 2nd day of 5 day drawing challenge
June 7 3rd day of 5 day drawing challenge
June 8 4th day of 5 day drawing challenge
June 9 5th day of 5 day drawing challenge
June 17 SAC Club Meeting  
June 24 "Love Thy Neighbor" Zoom recording #1 You're Invited to participate in a group project!


We invite you, your family, your friends, and your children to participate in creating your own personalized balcony which reflects your response to community, unity, and your neighborhood. This project was started in 2020 as "Bring the World Together"


We will be participating in the project as part of our The Big Draw activities for 2021's theme: Be The Change. We'd like to share your work with The Big Draw's 2021 Festival Website to share art and encourage others.


To learn more about The Big Draw, visit:
June 26 "Love Thy Neighbor" Zoom recording #2  
June 30 Deadline for "Love Thy Neighbor" submission