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My life is full of good stories to share with you. I choose paints and brushes as my tools because I believe a successful painting can speak well for me.My name is Diana Yu Johnson. I am a wife, mother, grandmother, and artist. I was born and raised in Taiwan, but now live in the Bay Area since 1978. My art journey began about fourteen years ago. I love nature, traveling, and the joys of life itself. Inspiration comes easily from those experiences. Often, I paint from my memories, and to me, that's creativity! I am mostly self-taught, with some art lessons from De Anza college and the Fremont Adult Education Programs. Impressionism is my favorite art form. Studying value changes suggesting distances in landscapes, rendering gradations of light and shadows on still life, or mixing up gorgeous color palettes for my next project are my cerebral treats. I am an active member of the Sunnyvale Art Club since 1999. I have won many awards through various art show competitions. Finally, many thanks for your love and support for my art; with your support, I will have more wonderful stories to tell you.
If you like to comment on Diana's art, she can be reached at: [email protected]
My Funny ValentineAlohaPeachesMemories of CaboOld TucsonRoad to the ValleyTime for teaMollyCrashing wave