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December 2010 Holiday Show and Celebration

These are pictures of the opening reception of the club's Holiday Show and Celebration.
It took place at the Sunnyvale Art Gallery on December 4th, 2010, and we proudly presented 84 paintings from participating members.
Barbara Baker and Frances Fisher organized and coordinated all activities related to the show. Also many club volunteers helped to make it possible.
Special credits to the members that donated beautiful paintings for the raffles: Cleo Crouch, Nancy Near Frances Fisher and Barbara Baker.
Event Photo credits : Barbara Wilson for all photos in this gallery and Annemieke Beninger for all photos in Facebook regarding this event

Artist of the Year 2010 awards were presented:
Gold section
1- Elvy Vera
2- Grace Yang
3- Mary Daubek
Blue section:
1- Cleo Crouch
2- Jan Knight
3- Diana Yu Johnson