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March Recap: Angelo Lopez Art Talk
Angelo Lopez gave a talk and a demo on his pen and ink and watercolor technique. He learned about this technique from books about his favorite children's book illustrators. Illustrators like Arthur Rackham and Peter De Seve used pen and ink and watercolor wash to adapt to the printing technology of the time. It gives their work an ancient feel that Angelo wants to adapt to his own work.
Angelo uses Aquarelle Arches 140 lb. Coldpress Watercolor Block, which he bought from the Sunnyvale Art Gallery. He first sketches in his sketchbook until he gets a drawing that he likes. Then he photocopies the final drawing. He traces the photocopy to the watercolor block.
When the drawing is transferred to the block he first inks the drawing. Angelo outlines the drawing with ink and brush. After the drawing is outlined, he crosshatches using thin pen nibs. He uses Speedball Super Black India Ink.
After he finishes inking, he lays a wash over the whole paper of watered down acrylic paint so that it's like watercolor. He mixes Cadmium Yellow Medium, Raw Sienna, and Unbleached Titanium, then puts a first layer over the picture. This first wash brings the picture together and helps him with choosing the remaining colors.
When that is done, Angelo starts putting the shadows using a mixture of Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Umber.
After that is done, he puts the remaining color on the picture. The colors are put down layer by layer, until he gets it the way he wants it.