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Robin Allison:

After a lifetime of interest in Fine Art as well as working with various mediums; I found my love in watercolor. Painting frees my mind of time and stress, and I stay relaxed even when my brush isn’t cooperating. I paint from photographs of places I have been, or from still life objects or images that have special meaning to me. I focus on capturing movement and light to invoke what I see. One of the most wonderful compliments I’ve received is, “It makes me feel like I’m there.” I use an Impressionist style with bright bold colors, but also enjoy using only black and white to focus more on detail and shading.

My “Times Square NYC” painting has won a 3rd place award in the San Mateo County Fair in 2018 and a 1st place award in the Santa Clara City Library Art Exhibit in 2019 that I participated in as a member of the Sunnyvale Art Club.

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