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Mary is a Bay Area native who has been painting and creating art for longer than she will admit. Mary started formal training in high school and found she was in her element, especially while painting. Once she learned that you could get a college degree in art, she could think of nothing else she wanted to do more. She went on to study painting and the elements of design. She attended a local university with an excellent visual arts program, as well as her coursework at local art schools working with established local artists. Some of her favorite artists are Clayton Bailey, Paul Parnish, avant garde artist, Judy Chicago, and Retablo artist, Claudio Jiminez Quispe. Their inventive creativity and devil-may-care attitude of the critics has been an inspiration to her own attitude about trying new things.

Right now, Mary is working in experimental art, working with a new color pallet. She has also introduced textiles, found objects, and sculpted paper to engage in new art.

“I dream of telling stories still untold. I am always on the lookout for hidden gems and undiscovered beauty in everyday things. The cool of the early morning, feeling a wisp of uneasiness in the shadows, I am drawn to paint.. My challenge? To find the deep story hiding among the flowers, a spider spinning her web or a bumble bee, doing his early morning rounds. I hide to watch a baby opossum out in late morning, long beyond his curfew, looking to steal the cat’s food. To see things that are mundane but magical are exciting to me and I want to capture those secrets into my own art.” – Mary Williamson.