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My love for drawing and painting started ever since my parents gifted me a box
of crayons for my birthday in kindergarten.
Colors fascinate me. I use bright colors in most of my artworks for vivacity and
expressiveness. I gather inspiration from Nature and I paint a variety of subjects-
whatever suits my fancy at the moment. Colored Pencils, Acrylics, Digital Art,
Pen & Ink, Gouache and Mixed media are some of my favorite mediums to
create art with. I also like to explore and try out new art mediums.
My artworks are influenced by artists such as Claude Monet, Birger Sandzen
and Pierre-Joseph Redouté. Over the years I have won several Awards and my
artworks have been published in various Art Magazines , books and
“As I lay each stroke of color in my artworks, I am always looking to add visual
interest to my art pieces in order to create drama, mood, texture, light and humor.
Creating art gives me immense joy and I hope to bring that joy to the viewer as
well.” — Jayashree Sadasivan

View Jayashree's Art Website here
Instagram — @jaysartndesign