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Ishwarryah Ramanathan is a south bay resident and local artist. She works with acrylics using various supports such as paper, and canvas but also works in painted glass and mirror which are her favorites.

Natural and philosophic concepts which have touched her life greatly influencing her creativity. Her work is inspired by scenery or interesting things she encounters: the texture of a landscape, the smoothness of glass or a distorted reflection of color and form.

Her favorite artists are Van Gogh and Claude Monet. The texture of their work inspires her own personal style. Ish has attended training workshops on Madhubani painting where she has adapted pen & ink into her artwork. Her personal, multi-color palette gives her art its distinct character.

Ish is also quite skilled in sculpting polymer and air-dry clay. Manipulating and working the clay is her favorite pastime activity. She is also an experienced baker and uses her sculpting skills to create elaborate, edible baked goods. Ish takes commissions and provides delicious and beautiful edible art for any occasion.

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