Kuang-yen C. Louis (Rita Louis) was born in China. She came to the United States as a student, attending Austin College, Texas Tech University, and the University of New Orleans where she earned an M.A. in Education.

Rita has a life-long interest in art. From the mid-1980’s she took classes and workshops to learn the technique of watercolor painting. Her first and best teacher was Katelin Gergo. Later she took workshops from Ed Whitney, Charles Reid, Don Kingman, Don Andrews, Judi Betts, Jeannie Dobie and others, in addition to classes in the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts.

Her membership in art organizations includes the Louisiana Watercolor Society, the Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society and the Sunnyvale Art Club. Her works have been exhibited in the LWS International Show and annual member shows, New Orleans Ochsner Foundation Art Walk single show, and in many private collections.

An artist responds to nature’s varied forms and colors and transforms these impressions into visual art. Rita also is inspired by Chinese calligraphy and poetry. To her, a painting is a learning process, not necessarily resulting in a good painting, but what enjoyment this process is! To mis-quote Snoopy in the Peanuts cartoon, “Happiness is a creative and pleasing watercolor!”
Double LilySix VasesOrchard WorkersBirds of ParadiseForest ElephantHomeboundCity Park, New Orleans