This collection by Wilhelmina J. van Dongen dates back to the 1970's. She applies to canvas what inspires her the most, using oils, acrylics, and watercolors. Wilhelmina, a longstanding and respected member of the Sunnyvale Art Club has attended many art classes, some by George Rivera, Jane Hofstetter, Renata Radcliff, Stephan Bauman, and many more.

She is inspired most by scenery, people important in her life, still life, and unique visual compositions. At times she paints from pictures. Since she was a young person, she usually carried a piece of paper and pencil with her. . .just in case.

Wilhelmina exhibited recently in the Sunnyvale mayor's office, at a local bank, the Triton Museum in Santa Clara, and the Sunnyvale Public Library. She participates yearly in all art exhibits hosted by the Sunnyvale Art Club and appreciates their monthly demonstrations by local artists. She always learns something new.

Her hobbies include visiting museums, art galleries, gardening, and keeping up with fashion trends. She's an avid reader, loves her family , friends--and is loyal about keeping in touch with relatives and friends overseas in the Netherlands, where she is originally from. Wilhelmina also keeps an eye on those who live in her neighborhood and will frequently drop by with a little bouquiet of flowers from her garden.
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