I have been an art teacher for 22 years. I have a Bachelor’s degree in art from San Jose State University. I am currently Vice President of the Sunnyvale Art Club and member of the California Art Club.
I am a Native Californian inspired by nature and spend as much time outdoors as I can. I especially enjoy Plein Air painting (outdoor painting) as a way to capture the spirit of the landscape.
I strive to paint subject matter that is meaningful, relatable, beautiful, if not ideal. I enjoy a good composition that moves the eye through the painting. I use a glazing technique to achieve depth and richness of color. My “go-to” subject of choice is landscapes. My style is traditional, lending itself to the serene settings that I prefer to paint. I want viewers to image themselves in my paintings. The ultimate compliment is when someone looks at one of my landscape paintings and says, “Oh… I want to go there.” Mostly, I want beautiful paintings that inspire and touch the hearts of people.