Mage Lanz was born in rural Wisconsin, daughter of the porcelain painter Mitzi Soldner. From an early age, Mage experimented with many different mediums, but after meeting wildlife artist Terrill Knaack in an elementary school art program, she decided to specialize in acrylic painting.
Mage took every painting course available in high school, and went on to study painting, drawing, photography and digital art at Ripon College.
Mage joined the Sunnyvale Art Club after moving to the Bay Area in 2014, and has been exhibiting her works with the club since. Though she still specializes in acrylic painting, she has also continued to develop her skills in watercolor and gouache painting, and photography.
Mage is available for commissioned paintings, and would happily take on projects from portraits to landscapes, in either realistic styles or something more impressionistic. You can contact Mage at

Mage's website is